Why French Embassy visa is needed?

How to Apply

If the person wishes to go France from UK for any kind of purpose or reason, then the person must have a France visa which gives him permit to go France legally. Once you have applied for France visa you will have to apply France Schengen visa UK because you are going from UK to France and this visa will allow you to go France via Schengen. You can also apply this visa online you will need to give all your information and after payment you will receive an email regarding your Schengen France visa UK and France visa. Now, after you have applied for France Schengen visa UK, if you are going France for any reason you will have to specify it and for different reason you have to apply for different visa.

1-First up the visa is called France tourist visa.

If you are going to enjoy your holidays or vacation to traverse the beauty of France, you will need to have a visa that is called France Tourist visa which is valid upto 3 months to 6 months from the date of issue.

2- The second visa is France business visa, which is applicable for those going to France for any work of team or organization, or any investment they need this visa which is called as France business visa. This visa is valid upto 4 months to 6 months after it have launched.


3- The third up visa we have is French Embassy visa. This visa given by the French embassy which is located at UK. This helps you to qualify you for going France and give this visa to which is called as French Embassy visa.

Remember to apply for appointment

Now that you have applied for the France Schengen visa UK, to apply for all this visas you will need to get an application for French visa appointment which is given to you by the French consulate London which will help you to go France from London. The French visa appointment can be applied online also, in case if you forget it anywhere or lost the original one, you have the online copy for your safety.

While you are going for any business or vacation you have to apply for France business visa and France tourist visa. Other than this you will have to apply for Schengen visa then only you can get the permit to visit France. Before you apply for this visa you will need to go French consulate London which is teamed up for helping the citizens of London to permit them for visiting France legally.

After apply for Schengen visa you will need to get this visa approved, so you have to get an France visa appointment and answer the questions correctly.

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