Who Want to Stay Illegally in The UK And How?

The latest research show that there could be lots of illegal immigrants are in the UK. That may be around 1.1 million. These figures were published by a lobbying group who favour greater control over immigration. In 2005 the UK’s Home Office released a survey which suggested that there were between 310,000 and 570,000 illegal immigrants in the UK at that time.
It is exactly impossible to get a perfect figure for illegal immigrants who will be mostly undocumented and mostly to want to avoid detection. There are many ways in which a person could end up in this unfocused category.

People who stay in the UK after Their France visa online application UK expires
all illegal immigrants are not illegal into UK. Many will have entered the UK legally, they have obtained a Apply for France visa in UK to do so, and some will have then remained in the country after their documents expired or after the situation entitling them to be in the UK misrepresented.
As with all information relating to illegal immigrants the numbers for this category vary incredibly. Estimates for “visa over-stayers” have a propensity to range between about 10,000 and 60,000 each year depending on the source of the statistics and the method of computation used. The majority of illegal immigrants in the UK at any one time may well have to begin with entered the country

People who obtain visas under False Pretences:
The UK’s student and marriage visa systems appear to have been particularly horizontal to abuse. The student visa system has already been significantly


overhauled. However, concerns remain about the number of foreign students who remain in the UK after their period of study has ended. Student wants to stay there because they want bright future and they want to see their dream become true. For this, they are contacting with fraud immigration service provider and this type of immigration fraudster is helping them in UK for that. But they don’t know it’s harmful for both.

How people are entering illegally in the UK?
There many ways in which illegal immigrants have entered in UK. But here we are discussing about some ways in which people illegally are entering in the UK. Britain’s Border Control Force maintains a presence in Calais France, which is the main route by which illegal immigrants enter the UK. Thousands of Lorries enter the UK every day from France and many are harbouring illegal immigrants. In 2007 alone, over 12000 of them were stopped by UK Immigrant officers As a consequence many illegal immigrants are still able to enter the UK this way every year, resulting in a huge industry now operated by organized criminal gangs who smuggle people into the UK, provide false documentation and low-paid employment. Human-trafficking is also linked to forced prostitution, drug abuse and violent crime in our towns and cities. Tighter border controls have led to increased checks on vehicles entering the UK at Channel ports, which in turn has led to a pitch in the number of illegal immigrants being picked up as they try to enter the UK. But it’s not enough if you want to stop it’s properly than come with Global Visas Fraud-Complaint team they will suggest you how you can stop it.

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