What you need to know about France visa application in UK?

The application process for France Visa application UK is quite same as in other country in the world. You need to apply for France visa application UK if you are in UK and want to travel France.

If you want plan a trip for France, you must apply for visa before 3 months of that trip.

Schengen Visa Requirements

If you want to apply for France visa in UK, you will need to fulfill France visa requirement, then you will need to know about Schengen visa requirements :

1-You will need a passport or travel documents.

2-Make sure your passport has been issued within last 10 years.

3-Your should have 2 full blank pages,the first one is for stamp and other one is for spare.

4- Your passport should be valid upto 3 months after you exit Schengen area.

France Travel Visa

You will need a tourist France travel visa that is tourist Schengen visa that permits you third-country nationals,if you want to stay in Schengen area for maximum days of 90 within a 6 month period.

France Work Visa

If you want to go France for any business purpose, then you will need France work visa. This type of visa given to those who need to go France for some work and you will not need to have citizenship there.

France Embassy UK

A France embassy UK is a permit for those who need to go to the Schengen territory, if they need to change their means of transport.


France Visa Requirement

To fulfill schengen visa requirements you will need to fulfill France visa Requirements. The UK residence permit that you might have, to be endorsed in the actual passport. The UK residence permit must be valid at least upto 3 or more months near the date, you plan to leave France.

Apply for France Visa in UK

For France visa application UK you need to apply for France visa in UK. Firstly you will need to figure out about which short-type of visa you need. There are different types of France visa. They are various types of visas depending on your purpose of travelling to France from UK.

Firstly you will need to find out that where you need to apply for a French visa in UK.

Secondly decide when you are going to apply for a French visa in UK, then you can launch your visa application UK before 3 month, when you plan your trip. You will need to collect mandatory documents for your visa.

Pay the French visa fees and you will receive any email regarding visa.

French Visa London

If you want to go back London from France, you will need to have a French visa London.

That will depend only on your planning, if you want to explore major parts then you have to visit French consulate for your Schengen visa they will provide you with French visa London.

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