How Do I Know about France visa Requirements

In this online world, many of the people search for France visa application UK information to clear the doubts and queries which they have. Many of the people get a quick tour online to the information for their work before going to start it. You apply for this application offline also by offline, i mean to say visa expert or marketer.

One should apply for France visa in UK, it will be easy to search the application for the visa through online and you can search it at your fingertips. The process France visa application UK allows on you if you want to go France from UK and have some fun there.

Suitable visa

The various types of visas available in market those namely are France travel visa and the another visa is France work visa.

The first visa which is France travel visa allows a person to traverse for France and visit France for fixed period of time as like 3 months to 6 months.

The other visa which is France work visa, it allows you a visit to France for the specific purpose which is work. Not only has this it allowed you to visit there for 6 months to 12 months. The period can be extended by filling up a form for it.

What to attach

The visa requirements for France and Schengen are almost similar and let’s have look to requirements of both the visa.


When you are going to apply for visa to France, you will need a France visa application UK. The France visa requirement is defined as a photocopy of passport, a colored photocopy of your ID proof, 2 blank pages in passport.

Whereas, Schengen visa requirement says that you will need almost the same documents as requirements of France visa but some additional things you have to keep in mind like find out if you need a Schengen visa, get a Schengen authority permission.

Both of the country has very similar requirements for the visa but both are very important to fulfill.

If you got stuck.

Now when you are going to apply for France visa in UK, you must have citizenship of UK. Then you have to get a French visa London also, so that will help you to get back from France.

The France embassy UK will help you to get all the information which is required for France visa requirements. When you will fulfill it you will get a visa itself.

Other than visiting France Embassy UK, you will also need to know about the Schengen visa requirements. When you have done with your tour to France and you want to go back to London, you will have to apply for French visa London.

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