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If you are one of them who is planning to enjoy holidays in France and have some peaceful time with your family and friends, then the France country allows you to apply for France visa online application to before fly for France. When you are going to France country, then you have to go through Schengen country also. Well going for Schengen will also need to apply for Schengen visa application.

When you are willing to apply for visa you can apply in two ways, one is to apply online other is offline method you can get this France visa online application through internet.

The Schengen visa application is needed by them who need to go Schengen country whether to visit France or stay in Schengen country. This visa has namely three visa types like France Travel visa, France work visa, France Transit visa. Once that you have received the France visa online application by applying through internet of course. You will need to have this visa while you are visiting Schengen.

Types of visa

When you have decided that you are going to France for having fun and enjoy good times with your family and friends, you need to have a France travel visa. This visa is given to a traveller who needs to have this visa which shows that you are a visitor who is visiting France for fixed time period.


The other visa which is used for business purpose is known as France business visa.

Apart from the France travel visa, now we have the other visa type which is also known as France work visa. This visa is used when you have to go France for any work like business or meetings with clients. For moving on to the next step you will need to visit France embassy UK.

Requirements needs to fulfil

If you are facing any problem while trying to pass your visa or your passport, the team or any authorities is assigned from the France country is known as France embassy UK.

You will need to submit two passport size photographs, 2 blank pages on the end side of the passport and photo copy of your ID proof to the France embassy UK.

All these requirements are assigned by the France country and these all needs are known as France visa requirements.

If you belong to London.

After that you have meet up with all the France visa requirements, you will need to move on the next step which begins with apply for France visa in UK.

While you are a citizen of London, you must have a French visa London that is issued by the authorities after meeting up all the France visa requirements.

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