When I Will Get the France visa

When a person wants to go France for any kind of purpose like travel, business or to meet any relative then the person needs to apply for a France visa. It is very important to get this visa throughout the journey because it will be checked and allowed by the team members of French embassy.

Fir non EU citizen

This is the visa which is valid for visiting France but when you are from the non EU citizen then you need another visa which will be called as France Schengen visa UK.

The France visa can be applied through online or offline as desired by the candidate, if the candidate chooses the offline mode the application process can be completed with the help of an expert but if it is online the candidate have to fill it on their own.

Different visas

There are two types of visa which are offered by the France authorities, namely are France travel visa and France work visa.

Now, the France travel visa is applied by the tourists or the candidates who wish to visit France for trip or traverse. While the France work visa applied by the business person or candidates. The candidates who wish to establish a business or have any job offer to visit France require this visa.

Now the validity of France travel visa is 3 months to 6 months while the validity of France work visa is 6 months to 12 months.


What are the Requirements?

Now when the candidate applies for a France visa, he or she will have to know the entire France visa requirement. After you have gathered the entire France visa requirement, you will have to submit it with the French embassy visa.

When you will take a visit to French consulate London they will ask you to submit the France Schengen visa UK along with the French embassy visa. Keep in mind that you will receive the visa after 15 to 30 days. So you have to plan your trip accordingly and return back before the 3 month of passport expiry.

Wait for approval

When a candidate is going to visit France it is mandatory to apply for Schengen visa also because going France will require a way to Schengen area also.

Now keep in mind that when you apply for Schengen visa fill all the blank spaces correctly and don’t leave any column blank.

The French consulate London has the authority to pass or reject your visa, so you have to be careful while filling up the application.

It is also required to submit the French embassy visa to the desk of French consulate London because they will allow you to visit France legally.

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