Visa Documents Required

In any kind of official process, the need of right documents plays a crucial role. As it comes to the Visa application process, the role of the right documents is as important as ever. As in the absence of these documents one can face rejection of the application on the ground of improper or inadequate documents. Thereafter you will have to go through all the process again.

Whether it’s a Business Visa, tourist visa, Spouse of EU/UK resident or any other kind of visa one has to produce right and accurate documents at French Visa center. Each case has different requirement of visa docs and for this an applicant require the assistance from experts. We ensure to help our clients to get their visa on time with few easy steps.

Here is the list of documents which is the essential document list for processing the visa application for each applicant please check in below.

  1. Application form :
    • Either filled with blue pen or printed online.Must bear original signatures of the applicant on the application form.Two photocopies of the duly filled application form.
  2. Photographs :
    • meeting the ICAO standards .Glued to the application form,In color, Size 3.5cm x 4.5cm,White plain background,Less than 3 months old. For minors (12 years and below) two photos
    • Short stay Schengen visa application form duly completed (no alteration) and signed by the applicant in field n°37 AND at the bottom on the second page (by the parents or the legal guardian for children)
    • Any error on the form will make it invalid. (Original & Copy).
  3. Cover letter from the Applicant : All cover letters must include details of any other accompanying persons as well. This includes family members, friends or business associates travelling for the same purpose.
  4. Passport :
    • A signed national passport or official travel document issued less than 10 years ago, valid for at least 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa.
    • The passport must contain two blank ‘visa’ pages.
    • The passport must be undamaged.
  5. Hotel Accommodation :
    • Proofs of Hotel Accommodation are required to be submitted in order to assure the Spain schengen visa service that you have booked your accommodation for the duration of stay in France. If you are staying with a French family, then you would be required to produce original “Attestation accursed” from the sponsor.
    • Copies of your previous visas are required;( Original & Copy).
  6. Previous passports :
    • If you are in possession of one or more previous passports, those must be presented along with copies of your previous visas.( Original & Copy).
  7. British Residence permit :
    • Your British residence permit (stamped in passport or in the form of a biometric card) must also exceed by more than 3 months the validity of the requested visa.( Original & Copy).
  8. Round trip airline ticket reservation :
    • Applicant has to provide complete itineraries of your trip.
  9. Travel Insurance :
    • The travel insurance should be Valid for the Schengen area & for DROM/CTOM according to your itinerary.
    • The insurance should cover medical fees and repatriation costs of a minimum 30,000 euros.
    • The insurance should cover the whole period of your stay • If traveling for winter sports, should provide medical insurance valid for those activities(Original & Copy)
  10. Letter from your employer :
    • Must be less than 3 months old, and state the position hold within the company, salary rates as well as your starting date.
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